Metal Bars Inc.
14530 S. Marquardt Ave.
Santa Fe Springs, CA

(562) 921-8484
(714) 994-5901
Toll Free Outside
L.A. and O.C.
Metal Bars can deliver or drop ship material next day to the following counties: Orange, Los Angeles, San Fernanado and the Inland Empire. Will calls will be processed and ready for pick-up within two (2) hours of placing the order.
If you need test reports, just ask for them when placing the order, it does not cost extra... THEY ARE FREE!
If you have a certain size and grade of steel you use often, you can place a blanket order, and draw against it. This not only assures you that you will have your material but stabilizes the price, and may even lower the overall cost. We store it, you draw from it, and we invoice you per draw.
Metal Bars has two (2) automatic band saws and a NEW CNC COLD SAW. We can hold tolerances of +/- .005 on 7/16" - 4" round material. We can get material to you faster, with one call and one invoice.
Metal Bars, Inc. was founded in June of 1962 in the city of Los Angeles by Dick Ruess, Dick Finfrock, and Don Petrbok. Dick Finfrock and Dick Ruess were product managers, and Don Petrbok was a top outside salesman calling on aircraft accounts for Ducommun Metals before starting Metal Bars, Inc. Following the death of Dick Finfrock, Dee Allen joined the remaining two partners of Metal Bars, Inc., by purchasing shares of Metal Bars, Inc. in September of 1973. When Don retired in May of 1985, Metal Bars, Inc. purchased Don's shares. Subsequently when Dick Ruess retired in September of 1985, Metal Bars, Inc. also purchased his shares. At that point, Dee Allen became the sole owner of Metal Bars, Inc. In May 2004, Dee Allen retired from Metal Bars, Inc. and sold the company to his son, Michael Allen.

Dee Allen was employed at Pacific Tube as an outside sales representative when Metal Bars, Inc. moved into his territory on Marquardt. With his learning of Dick Finfrock's passing, Dee made contact with Dick Ruess and Don Petrbok to see if they were interested in taking on a third partner. The courting between Metal Bars, Inc. and Dee Allen was approximately 18 months, after Dick's death and before Dee bought any shares or started at Metal Bars, Inc.

While still under the ownership of the three original partners, business began to outgrow their facility in Los Angeles. A new building was needed and the lot, owned by Southern Pacific Railroad, where Metal Bars, Inc. now stands was decided upon, and purchased by Dick Finfrock. Dick Finfrock also paid for the building. Metal Bars, Inc. moved to their current 27,000 square foot location at 14530 South Marquardt, Santa Fe Springs, CA in January 1973.

Metal Bars originally sold Carbon, Brass and Aluminum. Metal Bars, Inc. decided to focus inventory on Cold-Rolled steel bar in the early 1980's and stopped replenishing inventory on Brass and Aluminum. Metal Bars, Inc. begain stocking ETD 150 in 1974, 86L20 in the late 1970's, 8620 in the early to mid 1990's, and 12T14 in 2003. Although we still will locate anything that a customer is looking for, we have focused our inventory on low-carbon steel bars.

Metal Bars, Inc. owns and operates five trucks for local deliveries in the Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties. Metal Bars, Inc. currently has 19 employees.